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The other night I had the privilege of watching the film V for Vendetta with some friends and it got to the part where Evey played by Natalie Portman was incarcerated, head shaven and tortured. She thought the government was doing this to her in order to get her to divulge V's identity, but in fact it was "V"( played by Hugo Weaving in a mask, hat and cape) doing it to her to make her fearless and strong and independent. When she discovers he has done this to her she resents him but as the story evolves she comes to understand what and why he had done that to her. She is then grateful. At the end of the movie one of my friends said.. Dan, that's you. That's your story.

    I'd never made the connection of the parallel coincidences but they are there. I am now eight months free from being tyrannized by someone I'd trusted. My friend and business partner. The person I'd lived with for a decade. I woke up every day during this year of hell he brought on me wondering and worrying what awful thing he would do next to me. He took my money so he could wine and dine a "girlfriend", take two vacations, buy the most expensive health supplements and have two gym memberships. For two months I went without food living on peanut butter and coffee and water while he took her to the finest restaurants, shopped at specialty food stores and served her coffee that cost ten dollars a pound and pretended to be Prince Charming. Every woman's perfect dream man. I know. I saw it all. He made sure I saw it. He took all the discs for my computer programs so that if I had to reload something like Photoshop which I depend on for my living, I would have to spend five hundred dollars to buy it again. I only enumerate these things to give you the depth and level and scope of his pettiness and vicious plot toward me. Why? Because he is a closeted gay man who only uses women to placate his ultra conservative, bible-thumping republican mother and his fraternity brothers. His fraternity brothers even though they lived less time with him in their entire acquaintance than I had..became more important than anything that had been in our relationship. Why? Because I wouldn't go along with his scam using women. I wouldn't back up his lie. I finally saw him for what he was. Not the poor helpless closet case who must protect himself to be able to function in life.. but a predator who used his closet to prey on unsuspecting people for his own aggrandizement. I began thinking of him with that other V word. Vile.

    By the fifth month of this year long ordeal I realized it was his intention that if I did not play along with his scheme to make him look straight that he would make me homeless. He was moving everything very quickly in that direction. I have no family. All my friends were long married with families. If he had his way I would be living on the street. He made this clear to me everyday as he began throwing all the bills on me to take my savings down to nothing and then tell me that I should start finding someplace to go when I could no longer pay. He was enjoying ripping the rug out from under me. It was a deliberate and calculated means to torment and terrorize me. This ..after ten years together. This ..because his reputation of being "straight" to family and friends was more valuable than a loyal and trusted friend.

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the torture chamber. Where fear had been, a calm determined resolve took over.  I no longer worried. I created a new bank account he couldn't access. I worked three times harder than I ever had to put away money. And I planned my escape. All my friends came in to help me and found paths for me. Two even began looking for places I could move to and afford until I could get back on my feet. I grew more cunning and secretive. His plot to force me to come over to his way, was failing. I'd separated myself from his ugliness and was moving toward a new beginning. Every blow he struck on me made me fight back harder.

    And here I am eight months later and I survived. I am living what I call an abundant life. By that I mean I love what I have and find it fulfilling. I am creative, I am positive, I am fearless.. I am determined. The blade was strengthened by the fire. When I walk out the door now I feel powerful and independent. I may not be rich. I still may have to do without things.. but I am happy and free... and I realized I did not break as he hoped. I became something and someone else. I became invincible... So cheers Evey. I joined the club!


United States

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